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Hey people

I am pretty new here, but thought I should give the website a try.
I am living currently in Portugal, but I am a nomad (was born like that or grew up travelling).

Not sure how strong my Asperger syndrome is, but it is not so easy and I will not go again to a doc.
My father was the first person which found it actually out. But he hated it… my mom as well.

I am here because I want to meet nice and new people, which can understand me maybe a bit better. Hopefully.
It’s interesting for me and I think I talked never to a person with that kind of syndrome.
Could be nice to have new friends.

I speak German and English.

This site is fairly new to me and I can’t quite figure out where to see the members.
and the “member search” button is not working (no locator or anything else).

Sorry for my simple English and have a nice day or night 😉

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