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I am using wordpress. There is no standard profile fields solution to it. I had to pump all the countries in the database myself… But… There are options…

I’ll tell you about something I’ve put in motion just now. A google plugin in which you can set your location by IP or GPS and/or which picks up your location from the profile fields that would ideally be filled out by automatic google suggestions to the point of province/state and city. It also adds proximity searches. Google verification via mx-records (to identify me as the site owner just to make sure all is safe and legit) is needed but takes a while. I have set up the record for it but it can take 72 hours before the DNS is updated so that I can test further. The thing is that it is a bugger to implement so I thought to wait a bit with that until the site had grown some more but your message compelled me to put some priority to it.;)

The header is not called “suggestions for the site” for nothing 😉

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