Reply To: Not Diagnosed


Hi Voice Nerd,

I hope you are feeling better about things now. Please don’t be harsh on yourself about ‘offending’ people. I find I do it all the time, even with the best of intentions. Most of the offence others take seems to come from my honesty, or from missing signals from them, etc, but I think it’s important to remember that intent matters. If you don’t set out to hurt anyone and they still get hurt, the most you can do, and should be expected to do, is to apologise sincerely, learn if possible, then close the matter. It’s easy to ruminate and feel hopeless but nothing has given me more hope than realising there are others like me out there, that there’s a reason for my mishaps. I hope the fact that you share experiences with many others who understand goes some way to helping you feel more hopeful that social difficulties don’t have to mean isolation. Now, I’ll need to go try and take my own advice 🙂

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