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Voice Nerd said:

and no one want to meet in person. How can you tell if you are attracted to someone without meeting them and seeing how they move or smell? What I really want to say in those boring chats is, “Let’s meet and I’ll see if you gross me out. If not, then perhaps we can get to know each other. Otherwise, forget it.”

I so agree! What is the f***ing problem with just meeting to see how the meeting goes in real life. It’s no commitment and afterwards you still can go back to getting to know each other better by writing and phoning without meeting again for some time, if that is desired.

I do understand that one wants to write a bit back and forth and maybe have a video conversation before and not have a complete “blind date”. But after having exchanged some important basics, one just sets oneself up for disappointment by waiting longer with a meeting because you will get more and more used to the image of the other person which you created in your head and which has only partially anything to do with the truth.

However, it does get more complicated, the farther away people live from each other. I have not found a real solution for that.

Regards, sb10

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