Read our FAQ and be wiser!

We will provide you with a little FAQ.  We will probably expand this when we get real questions (feel free to ask us) or when we just feel inspired. So we will expand this FAQ with actual Frequently Asked Questions later on.

What is Aspie-singles.com?

On this site people with Asperger’s syndrome / ASD can meet with others on the spectrum for dating and for friendship.

Where do I find your terms and conditions?

You will find them in the footer of the site or here.

How old should I be before I sign up?

You should be at least 18 years of age.

What can I expect from a membership?

You can browse profiles, search profiles, message with other members and view their photo albums.

Someone is really bugging me

Please report them personally to the admin. Don’t flag them because that may delete some data that we would like to review. Serious abusers will be blocked permanently with an IP ban. Depending to the seriousness of the abuse we will not hesitate to report very serious abuse to the local authorities of the abuser.

Will you spam me with loads of mails after I sign up?

Nope, we won’t we will preferably use the “in-house” messaging system to talk to you, not your personal e-mail address. It may happen in some cases that we will send a special notice by mail to all users. You agree to that by signing up.

What do you do with my personal information?

Nothing. We will not use it in any other way than you have intended it for. We don’t share or sell your information like so many others do. So your information is safe with us.

What about encryption?

Passwords are encrypted in the database and we use on SSL issued by COMODO. This means that all any traffic between you and the website is encrypted. We however recommend that you’ll use an unique password for  just this website.

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If I sign up will everyone be able to see my profile?

No, your profile is visible for logged in users only! This despite the visibility settings in your profile. Those are overruled to protect your privacy. However. Your profile picture and handle will be visible on the frontpage. If you like to be completely anonymous then we recommend using a general (decent) profile picture, and put pictures of yourself in your gallery.

How about spam and fakes on your site?

We have different modules running minimizing spammers, scammers and known internet abusers. If someone might happen to slip through, please report to the site admin or flag them. We can never guarantee a site without these but we do our utmost to keep it as clean as possible. Apart from all that we go through the site to delete empty profiles from time to time.

Are there rules concerning the images I upload?

No nudity!!! No fakes… Nude pics in your profile won’t be tolerated and removed together with the rest of your profile. We have a hard policy on this as this is a site for dating and friendship it is not a sex dating site. Fake images portraying someone else as if it was you will be removed. If we find out and you will be served with a warning. You are further free to upload profile pictures of your personal hero, your bunny, your cat or tortoise, your favorite philosopher or musician, for as long it is very obvious that this is not you…

Are there rules about my profile?

Yes. No sexual content. No harassment. Also, you have to have content. Empty profiles will be deleted.

I see my picture on the front page carousel and I see status updates when I am logged off. I don’t want that!

You can select a neutral image not containing you as the main profile picture and a non obvious screen name. Pictures of yourself you can put into your personal album. They are only visible to logged in users. The status updates only show what is happening but there are no details shown.

I want to change my profile information but don’t see how to.

In your profile you scroll down a bit until you see “activity”, “Profile” “Notifications” and so on… there you select “profile”. then you get to a new screen with “view” “edit” “profile pictures”… You select “edit” there. Then all the profile fields come up for you to edit.

I am a paying member and want to cancel my recurring payment.

This you can do hereIf you experience problems with this then please contact us. We can also do it for you.

If you cancel directly after payment of a new term, please contact us and we will refund. If you don’t cancel and start a dispute via your bank then we will not issue any refund.

Deleting my account

We hope you found someone. That is the goal of this site. So to delete your account go to your profile, choose “settings” and choose “Delete Account“.

I am not a member so how do I contact you outside of this site?

You can mail us at contact@aspie-singles.com

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